Concert @ Mystic Hot Springs

We went up to Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah for a Concert. Very cool to say the least. They've got a very groovy vibe going on up there with one of the best TV studios in Utah I'd wager.  We got some great videos!  It was nice to get these done with two camera operators and Mystic Mike taking the shots from the floor in his booth.  Superb directing by Mike. Couldn't be happier! Thanks to mike and his crew!

I took this photo of Karyn up at the tubs at Mysic Hot Springs. As you can see, the rock is actually growing into the tub as the hot water from the spring is running into it. Fascinating as Mr. Spock would say.

The accomodations couldn't have been better.  We actually stayed in a blue bus called the Blue Whale. Timothy Leary would've approved. 

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